Discounts on Various Sarmady Services

Offer Details

Discounts on the following services exclusively for Flat6Labs startups:

  • A pilot of 6 months, after which we assess and decide on the way forward.
  • A discount of 20% on our Mobile Advertising services (Profiled SMS, on the 3 operators in Egypt).
  • A discount of 40% on our Online Advertising services, this applies on both our local and international rate cards


Established in 2001, Sarmady dominates the Egyptian fixed and mobile internet with a wide range of locally relevant content and services spanning sports, film, music, city-guides, directories, classifieds, social networks and automotive.

Built on the belief that high quality locally-relevant and trusted content would be the key to the long-term success of Sarmady and the internet in Egypt, Sarmady invested heavily in building some of the very best destination websites and mobile internet portals in the region.

Acquired by Vodafone Egypt in 2008, Sarmady became Vodafone’s digital arm and is able to utilize Vodafone’s depth of customer insight, and reach, and combine it with Sarmady’s behavioral and demographic matrices to offer a truly unique digital advertising and marketing experience.