Wael Amin

Partner, Sawari Ventures


Wael became an entrepreneur at an early age founding his first company while still in College. After graduating at the age of 18, Wael Co-Founded ITWorx, and led its growth over a period of 20 years from start-up to one of the largest and most influential IT companies in the Middle East. Through its history, ITWorx has created more than 5000 jobs, expanded to 12 countries across 4 continents and won countless industry accolades. During his tenure at ITWorx, the company acquired Egyptian startup Otlob.com incubating it to become the largest e-commerce property in the Middle East before eventually selling it, it has also successfully incubated and spun off a number of successful startups, in Laserstorm, NetCelera, and ITWorx Education. Having produced more than 200 entrepreneurs responsible for 100+ Egyptian technology start-ups, ITWorx is generally considered the most impactful company in the Egypt IT ecosystem.