Mohamed Hossam Attya

Retail Applications and Problem Management Senior Manager- Barclays Bank Egypt


My name is Mohamed Hossam Attya, I am 37 Years old. I graduated with a BA in Sociology and BS in Chemistry from the American university in Cairo. I started working before my graduation in the “Office of Network Administration and Security” in the university followed by 2 years in ABC Bank (Arab Banking corporation) as part of the systems Migration Team as an undergraduate full time employee. During the course of my work as an undergrad, I was exposed to various aspects of Information Technology blended with Banking knowledge. Although the field was not related to my university degrees or my childhood interests, I still had a lot of interest and motivation to explore it further. I found the link between technology and Banking through studying Oracle Programming languages and was able to certify as an Oracle Developer in 2003 and continued my career as an Oracle Developer and Application Support for about 4 more years. I then moved from ABC Bank to Barclays Bank in 2008 first as a “Senior Software Developer” and then as “Application Support” and finally as “Retail Applications and Problem Management Senior Manager”. I see the system migrations that I went through in the course of my work as one of the major Achievements in my Career as well as a diverse projects that I have completed in my 12 year work experience. I love music, it’s my utmost passion and pleasure, I play Acoustic Guitar and I play the Keyboards in a Band for over 18 years.