1- I have filled in the application and no one has contacted me; what should I do?

It usually takes few weeks to process every application and contact you for an interview. If you think it has been taking too long, or something may have gone wrong, please send us an email to (based on location you are applying to) to ensure that everything is in order.

2- I have a great idea, but I cannot find any partners; would you help me find the appropriate ones?

We always recommend that you get partners yourself and that you make sure they are the right ones for the job, but in some cases, we will do our best to match you with the right partners.

3- On what basis do you select the participant teams?

We don’t have a score sheet for applicants; we simply review applications. We interview teams and judge based on the idea, the market size, the team’s readiness and the business model.

4- How much funding do you offer?

Each team will receive up to EGP150k in seed funding and a whole host of other services that include but are not limited to $300k in perks and services from our partners.

5- What type of startups do you fund?

The 1864 Accelerator accelerators startups within the wider range of FinTech industries from Customer Acquisition tools, Personal Finance Management Tools, Mobile & Cashless Payments and everything in between.

6- What is the 1864 Accelerator?

The 1864 Accelerator is a new Financial Technology (Fintech) startup accelerator powered by Flat6Labs in Partnership with Barclays Bank Egypt. The recently launched startup accelerator aims to support the FinTech innovation space in Egypt and enable entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into commercially viable solutions. The program offers seed funding up to EGP150k, world class mentorship, training, legal support, office space and more.

7- What does 1864 mean?

The name “1864 Accelerator” signifies a combination of a unique legacy and a promising future.

“1864” represents the year when the bank first started operating in the Egyptian market. It has been committed to providing world-class financial services for more than 150 years. With a longstanding history in Egypt, the bank remains committed to contributing to the positive development of the market.